Our seasonal subscription boxes are the perfect way to stock up on essentials & put together some cute outfits!

We have a limited quantity of items available, so pre-order now to reserve your Winter 2019 box!!

OR purchase a 1 YEAR subscription (all 4 boxes) and save $40!

What is the viXXen Subscription Box?

The viXXen Box is a box full of Candice's (the owners) favorite things! All you have to do is pick your size, and we do the rest!

Are you a busy woman on the go? Or do you hate shopping? Do you need help picking stuff out? Then this is the box for you!

Who doesn't love a surprise box showing up at your front door?!

Our goal is to make shopping fun & effortless - we want all of our beautiful customers to feel & look confident.

When does the subscription box get shipped?

Our subscription boxes are released seasonally - 4 times per year.

Winter box - January 15
Spring box - April 15
Summer box - July 15
Fall box - October 15

What's in the box?

To keep the element of surprise, we won't release photos of what's in each box until they've been received by our customers across Canada.

Each box will include:
- 2 tops appropriate for the season (ie: tank tops for summer, sweaters for winter)
- 2 pieces of jewelry (necklace, earrings, bracelet, ring)
- 1 accessory (scarf, wallet, cute socks, leggings, etc)
- and 1 tasty snack!

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